My campus service focuses on:

1) encouraging the strategic use of university resources to promote the mission of the university. I served four years on the Fiscal Policies Committee, and one year on the Strategic Resources and Planning Task Force);

2) promoting the welfare of CI faculty. I served as CFA President at CI, and subsequently remained active on the CFA Executive Board;

3) creating opportunities for faculty to pursue research. I chaired the task force that reorganized Research and Sponsored Programs, and led the two search committees to identify a Director for RSP;

4) promoting opportunities for student research. As Chair of the Student Research Steering Council I helped to secure funding for student conference travel, and to institutionalize student research on campus. This in addition to my service as a member of my program (e.g., serving as a search committeCambria Book Seriese chair).

I am also active in service to my profession. I am on the National Advisory Council for the Dirksen Congressional Center, and I co-edit a Cambria book series at Cambria Press. I served on the Executive Council of the Western Political Science Association, Chair of the Legislative Politics Section of the WPSA (2010), and I am an active member of the Association of Centers for the Study of Congress.