archival tripsAs the (somewhat outdated) map to the left indicates, a tremendous amount of effort went into the collection of these data that include committee requests for Democratic and Republican members of the House between the 80th and 103rd Congresses (with only a few gaps). With the publication of our book Committee Assignment Politics in the U.S. House of Representatives (University of Oklahoma Press 2006) we want to make these data available to our colleagues. It is our feeling that in many cases using committee assignment data provides an inaccurate and/or incomplete understanding of how committees and committee memberships shape and constrain the behavior of members of Congress.

The dataset we are making available only includes data for the requests and not other data data we used from other sources (e.g., ICPSR biographical data, Stewart’s committee assignment data, etc.) since we do not believe that we have the right to distribute these data. Included in the zip file are the data in SPSS format along with a rudimentary codebook; you will find the data to be straightforward. In return for using these data, we ask that you:

Acknowledge the data source:

Frisch, Scott A. and Sean Q Kelly. 2007. House Committee Request Data, 80th-103rd Congress. [Access information].

Provide us with any manuscript that uses these data.

Right-click on the link and “save as” to download compressed file. Use your software to unpack the files.These data are also available for download through ICPSR.

For the time being we are not making available request data after the 103rd Congress, or our Senate request data.

Divided We Govern? Data

From time to time I receive requests for the data behind “Divided We Govern?: A Reassessment” (Polity 1993). Right click on the link and “save as” to download compressed file. Use your software to unpack the files. The file is self-explanatory. Divided We Govern? data.